Tall Ted believes in having good manners. People ask him all the time, "how do you remember to be so polite Tall Ted?

The trick he says, "is to always use the words please and thank you". Tall Ted can be a bit forgetful sometimes but he remembers these words by using his Tall Ted Manner Reminder.

By clicking on the picture below, you can print and make your own Manner Reminder to help you be polite like Tall Ted.

Manner Reminder


If you would like to colour in the robot Tall Ted drew, click on the picture below.



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Pilot Episode

Oh boy did you see the pilot Episode?

I hope you like it as much as I do. We saw clown magic, played a drawing game, danced to honey hunt, made a manner reminder and had a sneak peek at who is going to appear on the next episode.

Do you remember who it is?

That's right, my friend JB and Daffodil!

Speaking of sneak peeks, here is a video of the Story Time theme song.


I would like to thank all my talented friends who helped make the pilot episode of Story Time.

JB Rowley, Daffodil, Kat Barron, Madison Deckert, Trevor O'Connor, Greg Foster, Bret Dalgleish, Fiona Dalgleish, Naomi Davis, Darren McAuliffe, Caitlin Jolly, Tim Eyles, Karen Woulfe, Shannon Penver, Antonio Cafasso, James Gormley, Will Sheridan, Elizabeth Sarsfield, Nicole Symington, Nick Brown, Andrew McDonald, Alonso Gajardo, Rebecca Mercer, Peter MacInkovic, Steve Rossiter, Nick Spunde, RMITV, Sonshine Puppets and the Greater Dandenong Library staff.