This week's craft is an optical illusion that I was going to impress Professor Gizmo with.

The Professor got called away on an important fishing trip! Never mind, my puppet friends and I still had fun making it!

You can make your very own Impossible Cut craft by clicking on the picture below.

Impossible Cut

We had so much fun with Tubby The Robot.

If you would like to find out more about Tubby The Robot here is a link to his web site.

Tubby's Web Site Link

As Tubby The Robot says "See you in the future".


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Episode Eight

Oh boy! Did you see the eighth episode of Story Time?

Tubby The Robot

Did you see Little Johnny tell all his favourite jokes? I'm still laughing! It was a shame that our planned guest, Professor Gizmo missed out on all the fun but I'm so glad he sent his latest invention in to visit us, Tubby The Robot!

Tubby is so cool and funny. He thought we were going to break him when we went to the first commercial break!

We found out that Tubby loves furry things like animals and we all got to sing Old McDonald Had a Farm. Talking of which, here is a video of us all in action.


Then Tubby left us to find a farm so he could see the chickens before they went to bed. It was so sad but we got a phone call from Tubby inviting us out to the farm!

Do you remember what's going to happen on the next show?

That's right, Tubby invited us all out to Myuna Farm to visit him and learn about his new job looking after all the animals.

It's going to be so much fun, I can't wait!

I would like to thank all my talented friends who helped make episode eight of Story Time.

Tubby The Robot, Jody Kingston, Paul Cooper, Kaya Edwards, Madison Deckert, Trevor O'Connor, Greg Foster, Bret Dalgleish, Fiona Dalgleish, Naomi Davis, Darren McAuliffe, Karen Woulfe, James Gormley, Kate Leahy, Riyana Kasmawan, Tessa Irwin, Robert Wiggett, Ruth Richards, Olav Dias, Ania Zamecznik, Brian Westbrook, Nick Spunde, Peter MacInkovic, Steve Rossiter, RMITV, Sonshine Puppets and the Greater Dandenong Library staff.