Jackie and Dharma are lots of fun. I sure love their Old Lady craft. Did you love it too?

If so, you can click on the picture below and
rint out your very own craft to make at home.

Old Lady Craft

Did you know that Dharma owns her very own Children's Book Shop?

You will even find her CD there called "Dharma Goes a Gathering".

Click on the picture below to visit Dharma's Book Shop now!

JB Rowley Link

Dharma's Children's Bookshop JP JUNIOR EVERLASTING BOOKS 238 Somerville Rd Kingsville 3012
(ph 03 9314 6767)


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Episode Five

Oh boy! Did you see the fifth episode of Story Time?

Jackie        Dharma

It was fantastic! My friend Jackie and Dharma dropped in with their ukuleles to sing us a Lady Bird song and I got kissed on the nose!

Jackie used her string patterns to give Dharma ideas for songs and we got to sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Ipsy Wipsy and There's A Spider On The Floor.

Jackie showed us her Old Lady puppet and I got to play with it! We then all sung There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly and the Old Lady happened to be the craft for this episode.

Finally Dharma sung us Oh Little Fishy and another song but we had run out of time so here is the last of Dharma's songs. It's a Tell Ted website exclusive!


We also got a sneak peek at who is going to appear on the next episode.

Do you remember who it is?

That's right, we are going to visit my friends at the Casey Safety Village!

I would like to thank all my talented friends who helped make episode five of Story Time.

Jackie, Dharma, Madison Deckert, Trevor O'Connor, Greg Foster, Bret Dalgleish, Fiona Dalgleish, Naomi Davis, Darren McAuliffe, Karen Woulfe, James Gormley, Kate Leahy, Riyana Kasmawan, Alex Dircks, Ania Zamecznik,Tessa Irwin, Robert Wiggett, Flora Georgiou, Rachel Truman, Ruth Richards, Stacey Mcpherson, Brian Westbrook, Nick Spunde, Peter MacInkovic, Steve Rossiter, RMITV, Sonshine Puppets and the Greater Dandenong Library staff.