I sure love Daffodil! She sure is an amazing little duck, do you love Daffodil too?

If so, JB and Daffodil have made us up a fantastic Daffodil dot To dot craft.

Click on the picture below so you can print out your very own Daffodil dot to dot.


Daffodil dot to dot


If you would like to find out more about JB and Daffodil, here is a link to their web site.

Click on the picture below to visit JB and Daffodil's web site.


JB Rowley Link


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Episode One

Oh boy! Did you see the first episode of Story Time?

JB Rowley

It was fantastic! My friend JB Rowley dropped in with her friend Daffodil. JB told us a story about the sea using her story apron,  a poem about the sea and a story about a thirsty frog called Tiddalick.

I got to play with a Daffodil dot to dot craft which you can download from this web page and play with, just like me.

But the best part of the show was when Daffodil showed us her Story Time Magic. Oh she is so clever!


We also got a sneak peek at who is going to appear on the next episode.

Do you remember who it is?

That's right, my friends Jackie and Claire!

I would like to thank all my talented friends who helped make episode one of Story Time.

JB Rowley, Daffodil, Madison Deckert, Trevor O'Connor, Greg Foster, Bret Dalgleish, Fiona Dalgleish, Naomi Davis, Darren McAuliffe, Karen Woulfe, James Gormley, Kate Leahy, Riyana Kasmawan, Alex Dircks, Tessa Irwin, Robert Wiggett, Pavita Sangruengkit, Ruth Richards, Nayawuda Choul, Eliza Park, Brian Westbrook, Nick Spunde, Peter MacInkovic, Steve Rossiter, RMITV, Sonshine Puppets and the Greater Dandenong Library staff.