This week's craft is the most magical one yet.

It's not only a Glenn The Magic Man colouring in page but a Magic wand too!

Click on the picture below to download this week's craft.

Glenn The Magic Man Craft

Instructions: Roll the craft into a cylinder to make a magic wand.

Glenn The Magic Man

Glenn The Magic Man is amazing, I don't know how he does it!

Did you know that Glenn is Australia's funniest birthday party magician?

Click on Glenn The Magic Man's picture If you would like to find out more about him.





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Episode Thirteen

Oh boy! Did you see the thirteenth episode of Story Time?

Glenn The Magic Man

My friend Glenn the Magic Man finished season one of Story Time with a magic spectacular! He forgot to bring his magic wand though! Luckily Glenn's magic so he made one appear.

Glenn showed us how to colour-in magically without using markers or pencils. He is so clever and such a good colouring-inerer too!

Glenn made donuts, a huge straw and bananas appear, plus a bottle disappear. He also showed us Mischief the Monkey and all his friends at the Zoo.

My favourite part of the show was when Glenn made Lilly The Wonder Bunny appear! She is so cute and cuddly.

Glenn showed us so many tricks that we didn't have enough time to show all of them on TV! Never mind, here is a bonus video of Glenn The Magic Man making Balloon Animals, it's a Tall Ted web site exclusive.


This was our last episode for season one. I would like to thank all my talented friends who helped make episode thirteen of Story Time.

Glenn The Magic Man, Madison Deckert, Trevor O'Connor, Greg Foster, Bret Dalgleish, Fiona Dalgleish, Naomi Davis, Darren McAuliffe, Karen Woulfe, James Gormley, Kate Leahy, Riyana Kasmawan, Lydia Springhall, Alex Dircks, Ania Zamecznik,Tessa Irwin, Robert Wiggett, Ruth Richards, Olav Dias, Brian Westbrook, Mark Haughton, Nick Spunde, Peter MacInkovic, Steve Rossiter, Kye Lewis, RMITV, Sonshine Puppets and the Greater Dandenong Library staff.